Ice Cream Pasteurizer

Manufacturer of Skid mounted Pasteurization system for
- Milk
- Dahi
- Chaach
- Cream

Milk Heating for Paneer

Manufacturer of Skid mounted Pasteurisation system for
- Milk
- Dahi
- Chaach

Paneer Coagulation Tank

We manufacture rectangular tank with side guards used as paneer coagualtion tank.
This tank is used to mix milk with citric acid to coagualte the milk.

Paneer Hoop Tank

We manufacture Paneer hoop tank. This is rectangular tank used to collect coagulated paneer into hoops/clothes.
Tank is used to fill the paneer hoops.

Paneer Press

We manufacture Paneer press used to press the coagulated paneer into solid blocks.

The press consists of 3 sets of pnuematic pressers.

Paneer Cooling Vat

We Manufacture insulated and uninsulated rectangular tanks with partition plates used as paneer cooling vats.

The chilled water is circulated to cool the paneer.