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industrial pressure cooker's features :

  • Efficient heating Industrial pressure cooker takes a certain pressure of steam as heat source. It has characteristics such as big heating area, uniform heating, high thermal efficiency, short boiling time, easy control of the heating temperature etc.
  • Safety and convenience Industrial pressure cooker adopts stainless steel 304 as production material, which is resistant to heat and acid. The machine not only has good appearance, but also easy to install and operate. It is safe and convenient.


  • high heat efficiency
  • heating uniform
  • large heating surface

The usage of industrial pressure cooker :

Industrial pressure cooker is powered by electricity heat transfer oil and can do work without steam. The use methods are simple and temperatures can be controlled automatically. , and it is a wonderful equipment to improve quality, reduce time and improve working conditions during foods processing.

CAPACITY : 200 LTRS - 500 LTRS ( Also depend on the customers need.) Tech specs as per customer.